Are you looking to Scan your Archives? We provide a range of Scanning Solutions.

/, Document Scanning/Are you looking to Scan your Archives? We provide a range of Scanning Solutions.

Are you looking to scan your archives? DataSpace UK Ltd provide a range of Scanning Solutions.

DataSpace have a specialist Scanning Suite, with a wide range of scanning equipment.  Our range of specialist equipment enables DataSpace to scan everything from receipts, invoices, plans, books, wills, microfiche and many other forms of documentation.

DataSpace employ a team of highly experienced and trained scanning operatives. DataSpace’s scanning operatives are all fully employed by DataSpace and are each CRB/DBS checked and cleared prior to employment as well as signing additional Non-Disclosure Documents (NDAs).

DataSpace provide bespoke Document Management Solution Packages to organisations of all sizes and within all industries.  In addition to our scanning services DataSpace’s has purpose built Archive Storage Repositories that are registered with the ICO for the Data Protection Act and are accredited to BS5454 for the British Standard for the Secure Storage of Archived Materials. DataSpace also provide Confidential Destruction Services for when documents are no longer required, all shredding & destruction processes are completed at DataSpace’s site by our CRB/DBS employees and in line with Data Protection Legislation.

DataSpace can provide you with Scanning Solutions to fit your exact needs whether you are looking for a …Freds Scanning

Bulk Scanning Project

Where DataSpace’s scanning operative scan all of your archives and documentation in one project.

Scan on Demand Service

Where we store your physical items & only scan your files upon request as and when you require to view them.

DataSpace is accredited to BS10008 the British Standard for the Legal Admissibility of Electronic Information.

DataSpace provide professional document scanning services, secure scanning, professional scanning, invoice scanning, large format scanning, legal scanning, imaging scanning and secure document imaging.


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