A paperless office

Are you concerned about your carbon footprint?  Would you like to go paperless?  Here at Data Space UK we can help you.

Paper documents are still at the heart of most businesses no matter what their function.  Have you thought what it would be like to be a paperless environment?  Does the idea excite you or fill you with dread?

Digital-only system

If going digital is a progressive and more environmentally friendly option you’ve been considering, DataSpace UK can help you lose the paper!  And we can help you safeguard your documents too.

You will undoubtedly still have some paper documents but we can archive these for you at one of our purpose built secure sites complying with BS5454 regulations. They will be barcode labelled and tracked so that any document is easily retrievable.  In fact we can scan any document we hold and file it in a safe space so that you can access it online.

Installing a digital-only system at your office will help to manage documents between departments and make sure that they are secure and only available to view by selected staff if that’s what you need.

An Electronic Document Management system (EDRM) such as Therefore â„¢ can not only safely store but also speed up business processes.  DataSpace UK can install this system for you which can cleverly capture documents from the desktop, scanners and printers and also store emails when linked to compatible software such as SharePoint SAP or Microsoft Exchange.

With just the one system not only will you streamline your business and its document management but you will also go someway to a greener office.

Please give DataSpace UK a call on 0800 028 8956 to see how we can help you be greener.

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