A one-stop shop for data management

Whether you run a multi-million pound business or are a new start-up working from your own home, data management is essential.

From the records you keep, client information you store to the emails you work from, your data soon mounts up and comes in a variety of forms.  Here at DataSpace we know that no two companies are the same and have very specific needs.  Which is why we have developed services to suit.

Designed in such a way that you can pick and choose what you need for your business.

Archive storage 

Just because you are a small business with lesser over-heads than a large corporate organisation doesn’t mean that you don’t have need for data management.  As a small business services such as archive storage and confidential destruction are key.  Should your data be damaged due to a break-in or a fire you could lose clients, money and precious time.  By using off-site archive storage you will be able to take that worry and stress away.

Confidential destruction 

The same applies to confidential data destruction.  It can be tempting to simply rip up those receipts, invoices and client confidential information.  But as a business you need to make sure you are complying with the rules and regulations that protect you and your clients.  Our confidential destruction service ensures that you don’t have to worry about whether you have met these requirements.  We simply take care of it all for you.


If you are a larger corporation you may require a unique way to store records which is where our FileLive system comes in.  FileLive is a document management system which operates over a secure connection.  You can control your files through our online management system.


BrainLoop is a secure dataroom that enables our clients to use its secure online workspace.  Giving you 24/7 access wherever you are in the world, to your own files, data and confidential documents.  You can even access this via your iPad.

Sharing information with your clients and staff can leave you open to cyber-attacks and data-breaches.  By utilising tools such as BrainLoop you can help to protect you and your business against large fines and time-consuming data matters.

Why not give us a call today to discuss the data management solutions that best fit your business?