A matter of confidentiality

Confidential Destruction Services

Confidential Destruction Services

Our lives are filled with confidential information.  At home and at work.  We are in charge of so much information and confidentiality is a matter of importance.

At DataSpace UK we see confidentiality as our business.  Whether it is in paper format or electronically stored, we can ensure that your files are gone forever.  Once we take your files for confidential destruction we become fully responsible for them, through legal retention right through to final destruction.

What can you destroy?

We destroy items such as x-rays, medical files, paperwork and documentation, products and samples and even audio tapes and CD’s.  Confidential information is not something that should be left simply lying around.  We make it our responsibilty, that if it is due for destruction we destroy every last trace!

How do I know when it has been destroyed?

When using a company to destroy confidential matter it is important that you have the reassurance that this has been done for you and, in the correct manner.  That is why, at DataSpace UK we issue all of our clients a ‘Certificate of Destruction’ in compliance with data regulation and law.

What about electronic data?

Confidential electronic data can also be destroyed through our specially designed services.  Here at DataSpace UK we take it into our own hands to make sure that your computer hard disks or PC memory is completely wiped.  This is such a vital part of business. To keep costs down equipment is often recycled, but more often then not you don’t want to recycle the data that it holds too!

It doesn’t just end there though you know!

We transfer all of our destroyed data in its unrecognisable format to a registered recycle plant by the Environment Agency. This is so that both you and us at DataSpace UK, can do our bit for the environment.

In fact, environmental issues are pretty important to us here and we do what we can to help.  We destroy a vast amount of confidential data for our clients from paperwork right through to staff uniforms. At DataSpace UK we see it as part of our business to give back.  You will be pleased to know that we are actively involved in the ‘plant a tree’ project in Sweden.  This means, that for every one tonne of paperwork that is destroyed a donation is made to ensure that more trees are planted and, the Earth’s resources are being replenished.

To find out more about our confidential destruction services why not take a look at our website.  You will also be able to find out more about what we at DataSpace UK do for the environment.