Our Scan on Demand Service is unique, you can access your documents online where ever you are. Quick and Easy with DataSpace’s FileLive.

Do you have a bulk scanning project? OR want to reduce your archives? Do you need more space? Is your office going paperless?

Benefits of a Scan on Demand Service

  • Scanning and hosting completed in line with BS10008:2014 Electronic Information Management
  • Digitise your documents and files as and when you need them
  • Remove the initial upfront cost/outlay associated with Bulk Scanning projects
  • Can be quicker than physical deliveries
  • Can be more cost effective than physical deliveries
  • Avoid spending money on scanning files that your company/organisation might not ever need to review
  • Build a digital library of your physical files
  • Start to reduce your physical archives after Scan on Demand
  • View digital/electronic images in a secure online environment (FileLive)
  • Quick time frames can be used in the event of an urgent and emergency retrieval
  • Can be combined with physical deliveriesFileLive operates within DataSpace UK Ltd ISO/IEC27001:2013 certified UK Data Centre.

DataSpace provide a Scanning service for all types of data including paper documentation, medical records, patient notes, wills, deeds, microfiche, microfilm, aperture cards, plans, maps and drawings.

For more information about Scan On Demand or any of our services please call us today on 0800 028 8956 or email info@data-space.co.uk