What is PD5454:2012?

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PD 5454:2012 gives recommendations for the storage and exhibition of any standard or archive documents, including books and other library materials (Microfilm, Microfiche, Aperture Card to name a few). These recommendations apply to permanent and temporary storage of documents, and also applies to material which are subject to restricted access or are on display.

PD5454:2012 is a published document by the British Standards Institute built on the foundations of BS5454:2000.  The formal standard BS5454:2000 has since been withdrawn.  PD5454 includes the relevant factors of BS5454 including the preservation and exhibition of historic and valuable documents.  PD5454 brings the recommendations up to date by additionally focusing on archival document storage, archival paper storage, archive data storage by businesses and organisations and the storage of media devices (CD’S, DVD’s, Hard Drives).

PD5454:2012 is entitled ‘The Guide for the storage and exhibition of archival materials.’  DataSpace UK Ltd have been formally audited by British Standard Institute (BSI) auditors and have been awarded certification as evidence of compliance to this standard.  PD5454:2012 incorporates factors such as; storage environment, storage site, repository construction, fire protection and prevention and temperature and humidity parameters.

Overview of PD 5454:2012

  • New storage building specifications (flood plain area, high crime area, and flight path, think about access to building)
  • Best achievable stable environmental conditions (Temperature and Humidity)
  • Pest Control and monitoring
  • Making sure you are using the correct material for boxes depending on what data is being stored.
  • Regularly test and maintain fire and intruder detection systems.
  • Have an up to date Disaster Recovery Plan.
  • Show you think about how your business effects the environment, turn lighting off when not needed, save water where possible, recycle.
  • Shelving for stores and archives, whether static or mobile, should be strong enough to take the load being placed on it, and of a suitable material.
  • Have a cleaning and good housekeeping policy in place to ensure the facilities remain clean and tidy.


DataSpace UK Ltd headquarters are based in the North West of England on a 4.5 acre secure fully enclosed site. The location of this site was selected as it is a low crime rated area, ideally located for transport links and it is not underneath a flight path or on a flood plain which conforms with requirements as detailed within PD5454:2012 to which DataSpace UK Ltd are formally accredited and certified. DataSpace provide the best document storage. To request a copy of our certification please contact us.

For further information about DataSpace’s facilities or to arrange a meeting to discuss PD5454 archive or any other requirements further please do not hesitate to contact us today on 0800 028 8956 or email info@data-space.co.uk