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Findings from the latest ICO audits and follow up reviews of Police Forces

The ICO are the Information Commissioners Office, and are the UK’s independent body set up to uphold information rights in the interest of the public.  The ICO has important responsibilities including; handling complaints, monitoring, educating and enforcement of Data Protection, Privacy and Electronic Communications, Freedom of Information & Environmental Information as well as working internationally.

 Recently the ICO have completed audits and checks on numerous Police Forces in the UK to monitor their processes and procedures.  On the completion of the checks the ICO have gathered their findings and provided a report highlighting areas they found to be good, satisfactory and in need of improvement, the two main areas of focus include ‘Requests of Personal Information’ and ‘Records Management’.

 Records Management

This was the area that received the most limited assurance ratings. It was also the area where the fewest recommendations from follow ups had been completed.

Typical areas where the ICO observed that controls could be enhanced and improvement made included:

  • Lack of refresher training for employees covering records management.
  • Lack of controlled processes for the secure disposal of electronic and physical records.
  • Limited auditability and responsibility taken for ownership of documentation (no information asset register or information asset owners.)

For the full ICO Report: https://ico.org.uk/media/action-weve-taken/audits-and-advisory-visits/1431797/police-forces-audit-and-follow-up-report.pdf

Records, Data and Document Management is a responsibility that seems to not be given the due care and attention it requires. Even organisations as prestigious and important as some police forces, are not doing everything they can when it comes to securely managing and processing their documentation and data.

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