Microfiche or Legacy Microfilm scanning

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Microfiche or Legacy Microfilm scanning

Many organisations are faced with Legacy Microfilm and Microfiche archives. The information contained on the film may be costly to access both in terms of trained labor as indexing on the images is often limited. Additionally the equipment to access the images is costly to maintain and hard to source. Microfiche and Microfilm is a legacy way of archiving, it was utilised as it helped reduce storage space, stop amendments and alterations being made to documentation. Microfilming was also perceived as innovative and beneficial for the preservation of the original data


Microfiche is typically 6 inches by 4 inches per sheet. The microfiche is placed under a sheet of glass. Light shines behind or beneath the glass onto the plastic microfiche then a lens enlarges the image size. The image from the lens is then projected onto a small screen to enable the viewer to read it.


Microfilm can be viewed in pretty much the same way, except spools move the legacy microfilm back and forth beneath the sheet of Microfilm Scanningglass. Microfilm holds a lot more document images than a single sheet of microfiche. With the advance in technology microfilm and microfiche images can now be viewed on digital computer screens by using special programs.

DataSpace operate a specialist Microfiche and Legacy Microfilm scanning services. The scanning of the microfilm or fiche can be done in bulk or upon request (Scan on Demand). Rather than scan complete libraries DataSpace offer the service to host the physical library in our ISO\IEC27001:2013 compliant data centre. DataSpace allow the clients to securely logon via a secure IP specific SSL connection to our hosted service. The FileLive system allows multiple users with the correct access rights to enable searching the requested images. Each image can be viewed annotated or amended with full version control. Additionally the digitised images may be downloaded as a pdf image.

DataSpace are BS10008:2014 compliant and certified this means that the scanning of our clients files are to such a quality that should your documentation be required as legal evidence in a court of law the electronic copy of that information authenticates and is and exact replication of the physical file.


Digitisation of the Film or Fiche can be done as:

  • Store and scan on demand service for Microfilm and Microfiche or a complete
  • Complete Digitisation of the Film or Fiche Library
  • Online hosting of the digitised Film and Fiche images

Key Benefits

  • View images Securely Online
  • Allow Multiple User Access
  • Searchable Indexes
  • Reduced Internal operating Cost

DataSpace are one of many microfiche scanning companies / microfilm scanning companies, but we provide the best microfiche scanning services, and the best microfilm scanning services.

If your business or organisation has legacy data and you would like to find out more about records storage, microfiche scanning / microfilm scanning or our professional scanning services. Contact us on 0800 028 8956 or email info@data-space.co.uk