12 Days left, GDPR is coming? Where are you storing your data?

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12 Days left, GDPR is coming?

We have just 12 w

orking days left before GDPR is implemented into UK legislation. Is your business ready? Have you implemented new procedures and policies? Are all your staff aware of the new changes and how GDPR will affect their responsibilities?

It still isn’t too late to start. Start now to make the relevant changes within your workplace, this will help if you do have a data breach.

12 left, GDPR is coming, know your Data.

  • Have you appointed a data protection officer? If your business handles large amounts of personnel data, you will need to do this now.
  • Be aware of the data you are collecting on individuals; do you need this data?
  • What are you using the data for, do you need to keep it? If you don’t then delete it now.
  • Where, and how are you storing this data, is this secure? How many people can access this information? Reduce the access to only the people that need to access it.
  • Are you passing the data on to any third parties, if you are, do you have consent? If you don’t, then stop this now.
  • Make policies and implement the changes across your business. Inform all your staff about the new changes. Make sure they are aware of the importance of keeping personnel details safe. Never give out someone’s personnel information without their consent.


12 Days left, GDPR is coming, the ICO has more information on GDPR Checklists, see link below:


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