When the weather outside is frightful – make sure your data is safe

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Every time you glance out of your office window does it happen to be raining? When you step outside for lunch do you grab an umbrella? If this sounds rather familiar then it is time to take action.

You see, it doesn’t appear to be getting much better.  But what should be of concern is the data your are storing on your premises.  Whether you are in charge of patient records, x-rays, exam results, business files, or even media tapes you need to ensure that your data is safe.

Physical data such as this is at risk if you are at risk of flooding.  Consider the scenario.  You leave the office for the weekend only to come to work on Monday to find that all the data you have stored, safely in the basement, has been damaged by floods.

With so much at stake here is this a risk you can afford?

Here at DataSpace we have a solution.  You see, we offer data storage and archive solutions that will protect your data so you don’t need to worry.  Our archive storage facilities are of the highest security.

What makes our archive storage even more valuable, in a time such as this, is we specifically chose our location as it does not pose any flood threats.  By choosing a site that is not on a flood plain we are able to protect our clients documents, even if the rain continues to fall.

Not only that but we have 24/7 security that monitors the site via CCTV.  The site also features the latest fire and theft security monitoring.  So, come rain or shine, wind or snow, our archive storage will keep all your data safe and protected.

Now, that really is peace of mind.  Take a moment to look around.  Look at the files, tapes and documents.  Consider the repercussions should they get damaged by floods.  All you need to do is give us a call today on 0800 028 8956 and that worry will be taken away.