Time for a paperless office?

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Here at DataSpace UK we are well aware that data can take over our lives as well as our offices.  From folders and print-outs to contracts and project documents.  Not only is it hard to find a place to put all this data, it is also rather costly.

Consider the amount of money your company is wasting on unnecessary print-outs, staples, folders and such? These are the ‘invisible’ costs that you probably don’t take much notice of.  As well as the filing and sorting by administrators.

Having a more ‘paperless office’ can cut your costs and help free up some time for other tasks.  You are probably wondering how you can do this? Well here are a few tips to help make your office a bit more paper-free:

Scan documents rather than print

You can save a copy on your computer rather than in a folder.  We can help you with your scanning needs also.

Online signatures

Request managers and senior members of staff have digital signatures.  This means that documents can be signed using an e-signature.  This is still legally binding.


Add a line at the bottom of your email signature questioning whether this item needs to be printed.  You will be surprised at the effect this can have.

Document storage  

Archive all of your old documents that are taking up space in your office.  That way you can free up space for other things.

You can transform your office and reduce the amount of paper it uses.  This will in turn make your office a cleaner and more productive space.  To find out more you can contact us at DataSpace on 0800 028 8956.