Physical Deliveries & Collections

DataSpace Archive Storage is complimented with National Deliveries & Collections with our own secure drivers and fleet of vehicles. We are able to offer scheduled deliveries and collections, where we agree a day that is best suited for your business. We can visit weekly, fortnightly or monthly dependent on your requirements. Alternatively we can provide a Next Day Delivery Service, Same Day Delivery Service, or Emergency and Out of Hours delivery.

DataSpace Physical Document Deliveries and Collection

Our Vehicle Fleet

The DataSpace fleet ranges from VW Caddy Vans through to HGV vehicles with the capacity to transfer between 120 and 800 archive boxes per scheduled trip. Our fleet consists of surplus vehicles in order to enhance our transportation capacity during increases in client service activity. Having surplus vehicles also provides logistical flexibility during periods of scheduled vehicle maintenance.

All vehicles are additionally alarmed, lockable, and equipped with immobilisers and ultra-sonic alarm sensors for security.  Our fleet of vehicles have a planned service and maintenance programme to ensure that all vehicles are well maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Archive Storage with Deliveries & Collections

All vehicles are equipped with ‘Dry Powder’ fire extinguishers which can be used in the event of class A, B, and C fires, which are checked as part of our routine fire checks by an approved contractor. Additionally all vehicles are GPS tracked, which allows DataSpace’s logistics team to access minute by minute movement history reviews for all vehicles. Vehicles are locked and equipped with immobilisers and ultra-sonic alarm sensors for additional security.

During the delivery and collection of any items – whether is it paper documents, tapes or microfilm – DataSpace will require an authorised signatory to sign the work order documenting items that are delivered or collected.  In addition to the signed work order, the DataSpace driver will barcode scan each of the items as part of the audit trail.

Our Drivers

DataSpace Physical Document Deliveries and Collection

DataSpace vehicles are driven by branded DataSpace drivers, who carry identification at all times. Prior to employment all staff are required to conduct a pre-employment security screening which includes driver violation history.

All drivers are trained on suitable delivery routes and are also asked to comply with DataSpace’s bespoke ‘Driver Instructions Manual’. DataSpace provide delivery drivers with mobile phones to ensure that they can make direct contact with the office/logistics staff if and when required, and are safe to call or via the hands free provided.


All vehicles within DataSpace’s fleet are wholly owned and maintained by DataSpace and are Euro IV compliant. Route planning and delivery scheduling is co-ordinated to give the dual benefits of reduced fuel consumption and lower exhaust emissions, to ensure our effect on the environment is as minimal as possible.

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