Advanced data management – no need to send a search party

//Advanced data management – no need to send a search party

Whether you have a relatively small archive or multiple volumes of data, DataSpace can ensure that you can access files safely, securely and efficiently with FileLive.

FileLive is an advanced web based piece software, used for safe, secure and efficient document management. This easy to use interface allows record managers to manage, track and view both current and legacy files.

Safe and Secure
DataSpace will assign a record manager who is able to control access to files, with secure log-in codes. The FileLive system operates over a 256 encrypted SSL connection to ensure comprehensive security.

Searching for online and offline records

DataSpace Data Management Service

FileLive provides an easy to use interface to manage Client files

You will be able to track, add and edit files and boxes on or off site.  Our scanning facility allows you to scan, link, append and host scanned files in a secure library environment.

FileLive is easy-to-use interface allows you to search for files and process the request for the box or file on line for physical delivery. The powerful reporting functions allow the manager to produce reports on a range of activity, from the number of files stored, data hosted online through to number of files destroyed and requestor activity.

Total control
DataSpace have ensured these processes are highly secure, where you will be able to select user permissions, produce activity based reports and are IP specific. The enhanced system features allow the manager to have complete control of the online storage account.

DataSpace are experts in managing and operating image data and location of physical files.  We have developed two service options depending on the needs of your company:

Find out more about the two service options for file management DataSpace provide.